Building anti-腐败 measures into IWT interventions: Event at the UN HQ


野生动物犯罪 is an urgent issue; it requires strengthening cooperation between different agencies and maintaining the momentum, ensuring the allocation of resources to effectively deter this 跨国犯罪组织.” Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Laurentien summarises the main conclusions from the interventions during the session.

We organised a high-level convening at the UN Headquarters on 4 March, where experts discussed concrete anti-腐败 measures to effectively deter it.

Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands facilitated the session and the dialogue between the panel members and a very proactive audience, 哪个参与了与说话者的对话, who discussed effective ways to address and deter wildlife crime and the 腐败 that enables it.

伊冯·伊古罗,联合国秘书长 引用, stressed the urgency of establishing concrete actions to address wildlife crime, 为了现在和未来的几代人:”目前人类的存在使得物种灭绝发生在1,000 times faster; wildlife trafficking is indeed an immediate threat.Higuero女士强调了这一点 cooperation between entities with different mandates is paramount to deter wildlife crime. She also remarked that more attention should be paid to those species that are not that ‘iconic’ but to which major damage is being done by trafficking, 比如石首鱼和玻璃鳗鱼, as the illegal trade of them is also a multi-million-dollar criminal business.

豪尔赫里奥斯, Chief of the Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), explained the efforts made by the United Nations to address this crime and stressed that “野生动物犯罪是一个全球性问题, 不只是地区性的, and it is 跨国犯罪组织 but currently not regarded as such.” Mr Ríos highlighted that to the tools and resources applied to deter other type of transnational crimes, 比如网络犯罪或贩毒, 也应该用来有效地应对野生动物犯罪吗.

豪尔赫里奥斯 from UNODC speaks about the need to apply tools used in other organised crime investigations into wildlife crime interventions.

Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Executive Director of the bet356app首页, highlighted how 腐败使野生动物贩运成为可能 along the supply chain in source, transit and destination countries. She remarked the urgency for financial investigations to address wildlife crime and provided the audience with examples of where WJC investigations have gathered concrete evidence of how 腐败 facilitates the trafficking of endangered species, WJC的情况就是这样 操作龙.

Vanda Felbab-Brown, Senior Fellow – Foreign Policy, Center for 21st 世纪安全和情报局 布鲁金斯学会 traced the connections from rural households and livelihoods to strong wildlife protection laws that people support, 高质量的调查, 更普遍的起诉和惩罚. “扩大与当地社区的对话至关重要 and discuss with them what incentives and motivations they have to participate into law enforcement efforts to tackle wildlife crime.”

蒂姆·斯蒂尔,全球反腐败顾问 UNODC,贪污是"是跨国有组织野生动物犯罪的主要推动者 financial investigations can play a critical on going after those organising the illegal trade.” Steele affirmed that a good strategy to address 腐败 is needed and it requires “与正确的人沟通, 这是至关重要的, as well as addressing the right skills where they are most needed这样才能有效.

Law enforcement needs a coordinated response to address transnational organised wildlife crime through effective intelligence sharing systems and access to resources,斯蒂芬·卡莫迪说, WJC的调查主管, when talking about the challenges that law enforcement agencies are currently facing when tackling wildlife crime. “There is no need to reinvent the wheel on methodologies to investigate wildlife trafficking: law enforcement needs the mandate to utilize the full range of special investigative tools to address this organised crime.”

亚当·麦克斯维尔, 地区助理检察官, 纽约地方检察官办公室, highlighted that financial investigations as well as international cooperation are needed to tackle wildlife crime cases. 他强调了“utilise tools and techniques used to prosecute other forms of organised crime for the prosecution of transnational organised wildlife crime.

亚当·麦克斯维尔, 纽约县检察官办公室的人, 在他的干预活动中.

在应对野生动物犯罪方面,bet356app首页已经做了很多工作, from conservation initiatives to community engagement and to demand reduction measures. But there is room for improvement in the area of crime fighting against wildlife trafficking. “Political will is crucial to address wildlife trafficking as what it really is, 严重跨国有组织罪行,奥利维亚·斯瓦克-戈德曼在活动结束时说. “Relevant law enforcement agencies must be equipped with the mandate, resources and tools to act upon it and governments must ensure effective international cooperation between agencies, as a standard practice similar to that is happening with other forms of organised crime.”